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Do You Want To Protect And Strengthen Your Health  In A Proactive Way?
As I mentioned above, it turns out that over 80% of illnesses and disease are preventable.  But our healthcare system can’t help you. Why? Because only 5% of all Healthcare expenditures are for Prevention, while 95% of those expenditures are for Treatment. Without going into whether those percentages are appropriate, I will say that if you are interested in Prevention over Treatment, our standard Healthcare system will not help you, and you are on your own! Luckily, there are a great many experts in the field of Prevention that can help you. But first, let’s look at the list of preventative diseases that are so strongly impacting our health: Heart Disease Cancer Stroke Diabetes Arthritis Obesity Emotionally: Depression Loneliness Finances Poor  And/Or Toxic Relationships In most cases, each of these diseases are preventable through Sound Lifestyle Practices. You are probably already familiar, at least at a superficial level, with these Sound Lifestyle Practices: Proper Nutrition Weight Management Exercise Supplementation Stress Management Sleep/Recovery Improving Your Relationships Emotional and Spiritual Healing And as you probably already know, it is difficult to do any of these singularly.   For instance, it’s difficult to get quality sleep, nutrition and exercise when you don’t manage your stress.  It is difficult to get proper nutrition, exercise and stress management if you don’t get quality sleep.  Each of the Lifestyle Practices are parts of a larger whole. Luckily, we can pull useful information from a large number of Specialties in order to adopt our Sound Lifestyle Practices: Alternative Medicines Chiropractic Exercise/Fitness Massage Therapy Meditation Naturopathic Medicine Nutrition and Diet Therapy Emotionally     Mental Health     Spiritual Exploration      Emotional Development     Financial Management     Improved Relationships (with ourselves and others) As you can see, each of these Specialties can affect one or more of the Sound Lifestyle Practices we are trying to adopt. Now that we have laid out where we are trying to go, we can talk about The first point I want to make about SixtyMag is its extreme affordability. As we already mentioned, our standard Healthcare system does not do much for us in terms of Prevention.  In order for me and my colleagues to affect the health and well-being of as many as people like you as possible, we knew that we would need to present a great deal of information, for a relatively low price.  We decided on a price that 95% of interested people like yourself could afford. That’s right!  For about what you might spend on lunch, you are going to have access to all of SixtyMag. Now that you know how affordable the price is, let me tell you about the Thousands of Dollars worth of information you will get with SixtyMag. SixtyMag consists of: 1. The Book 2. The Videos/Audios 3. Access to our private Facebook Group – we want to build a community of like-minded individuals working to improve their lives! I have engaged the participation of over 50 of the world’s top experts in The Specialties mentioned above. Each of these experts has written a full chapter of the book dedicated to their specialty, and how you can employ that information to create and adopt the Sound Lifestyle Practices you need to prevent the most common diseases that afflict us in our middle and later ages. Here are a few of the 20+ Specialists included in the book! Over 20 chapters of information, each giving you an introduction to their Specialty, and how you can use that Specialty to create your new Sound Lifestyle Practices! Each of the 20+ authors that were kind enough to contribute a chapter to The Book, will create 20-60 minutes of audio or video in the form of Webinars/Teleseminars.  This allows the Specialists to go into far more detail on their Specialty than they were able to do in their chapter.  20 to 30+ hours of detailed instruction on how you can use each Specialty to create your Sound Lifestyle Practices, and Proactively Ensure your long term health and well-being! And once again, you receive the Book, with over 20 chapters, and 20 to 30 hours of audio/video instruction, for less than what it costs you for lunch! Now, I hope you can see why I’m so excited about SixtyMag. I, and all our contributors, consider this the work of a lifetime.  Finally, an affordable path to all of the Lifestyle Practices we have struggled to adopt for our entire lives. Finally, an opportunity to take the Bull by the Horns, and Proactively take charge of our health To prevent the diseases that many of us just assumed we would have to deal with as we grow older.  All for only $9.99 “But don’t take my word for it! Watch what Contributing Expert Sachin Patel has to say about the SixtyMag project!” So, please think about this. We are offering you an opportunity to change the direction of your life.  To master your health, and prevent the sicknesses we used to think were inevitable. Buy From Amazon. We are trying to make a Big Splash with this product.  We want to become a Best Seller on Amazon!  This will help us spread the word globally about healthy living over the age of 60. You still get all the Bonuses, and the same book, if you buy via Amazon.  AND, it’s still only $9.99US! As a matter of fact, with health care costs as high as they are, you can’t afford NOT to buy this!  Think of all the money you won’t have to pay, and compare that to the tiny $9.99 at! It’s time for you to make a choice.  Keep doing what you are doing, and hope for the best, as you’ve always done. OR you can Proactively and definitively take charge of your health, and click the button below to receive SixtyMag.
Dear Friend I am so excited to tell you about our new project! But first, I want to tell you WHY I got together with over 20 of the World’s Top Preventative Health Experts, and created
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